H.S. Grace & Company, Inc.

Our litigation support, testimony and business consulting firm has been
helping clients achieve favorable results for more than 20 years



Working with both plaintiffs and defendants, our professional teams have
assisted counsel, insurers, and company boards and senior executives
in achieving favorable outcomes in more than 100 cases:

  • Experience-based damages analyses
  • Highly favorable settlements for plaintiff and defendant clients
  • Actions dismissed; court decisions absolving our clients
  • Major modifications in insurance claim payouts



Our advisors bring unparalleled experience as senior executives of major
corporations, well-respected academics and technical experts spanning a
range of
industries.  Creating a team tailored specifically to the
assignment, we

  • Conduct detailed business analyses to evaluate the impact of all
    parties’ actions and decisions on damages, causation and liability.
  • Develop fact and experience based damage assessments;
    challenge inappropriate models and amounts.
  • Produce expert analyses, reports and opinions to support settlement
    strategies and negotiations and/or provide testimony in court.


Our professional teams deliver credible, authoritative high-value services.

  • We operate efficiently, using teams of highly experienced personnel
    who can evaluate the business merits of the parties’ positions and
    spot flaws and
    vulnerabilities in allegations and claims, as well as
    in defenses.
  • We can address the entire litigation process or provide quick-turn
    consulting on one or more issues, such as early case diagnostics.
  • We can conduct a special analysis at any point in a case to support
    settlement strategies and/or court testimony.
  • We also provide consulting services on responsibilities of boards of
    directors and officers, corporate governance issues, internal control
    and risk management, and business practices.



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We work with clients globally from our principal client centers in Houston, New York, Chicago, Dallas, Washington DC and Wilmington