H.S. Grace & Company, Inc.
Corporate Governance

Backdated stock options. Financial bail-outs. Wells Fargo. Volkwagen. Enron. WorldCom. Dubious mortgage practices. Restated financials. CEOs and CFOs in the news for alleged illegal practices. Companies and their boards have faced challenges in recent years that have elevated the importance of good corporate governance. And the evolution of corporate governance is continuing, with corporate governance issues increasingly underlying business disputes.

Smart organizations control their destinies. Company boards and their management ensure a robust corporate governance structure that facilitates company success while guarding against legal and ethical pitfalls.

Effective governance will vary across companies, within industries, among businesses in a corporate family and over time. H.S. Grace & Company, Inc. brings a deep understanding of, and extensive experience with, management and governance structures and processes. Our experts combine this macro understanding with in-depth knowledge of the company and its industry as well as experience across a company's primary activities to provide solid advice.

We offer services in two key areas:

Dr. H. Stephen Grace Jr., a thought leader in corporate governance issues, and other HSG consultants have been writing, speaking and advising on corporate governance issues for decades. We know what works – and what works for you.

Corporate governance is a term often bandied about, but one that can be hard to define. Dr. Grace has put together a succinct explanation of corporate governance explaining recognized duties in layman's terms and outlining customary and normal board and management responsibilities. Click here for a copy.