H.S. Grace & Company, Inc.
Financial Advisory Services

H.S. Grace & Company, Inc.'s financial advisory services group can help financial industry clients safely manage governance, risk and compliance issues. We offer alternatives and solutions to clients on their critical financial, economic and strategic activities and transactions. Our advisors, many of whom are former senior financial services executives, can address your issues with an unparalleled depth and breadth of experience. Our goal is to guide clients in understanding the ever-changing world of governance, risk and compliance. We focus on enterprise operational and regulatory risk, and organizational and management structures. We apply our knowledge of best practices and our extensive experience in a combined "top down" and "bottom up" approach to address the specific concerns of each client.

Investment managers, broker dealers, legal entities and fund board members can benefit. We can help create, implement and review day-to-day operations with an emphasis on risk management and compliance with federal and state securities laws. We can assist investment advisors with ensuring the effectiveness of their compliance monitoring programs.