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Corporate Governance

Smart organizations control their destinies. With governance issues underlying more and more business disputes and high-profile scandals, organizations today must ensure a robust governance structure that facilitates success while guarding against legal and ethical pitfalls.

H.S. Grace & Company, Inc. is the governance expert. For almost three decades, we have been the thought leader in corporate governance and how an organization’s decision-makers and senior management can ensure a robust framework that will deliver success while managing risks. As governance specialists, we help clients evaluate their governance structures, policies and procedures – with a long-standing emphasis on stress testing oversight and control structures.

Most assignments come after companies end up in litigation or regulatory difficulty over issues that could have been prevented. Increasingly, however, savvy organizations are reaching out to us to stress test their corporate governance structures, policies and procedures before the wheels come off.

How We Work
A robust governance structure improves operational efficiency; reassures institutional investors, other shareholders and insurance carriers; and prevents issues with regulators, activists and potential litigants. Our real world, practical experience in making complex business decisions in different industries allows us to quickly determine and evaluate the key issues and determine strengths and weaknesses within the plan-operate-control cycle of the firm

Plan Operate Control

Discover HSG Value
At HSG, we work with outside counsel, insurance carriers and corporate attorneys to quickly evaluate the effectiveness of client’s governance, both in and out of litigation.

Contact us today to schedule a health check of your organization’s governance, including actionable advice on how to strengthen organizational structures, ensure substantive checks and balances, and make the most effective use of internal and external reporting.

Already facing a challenge with litigation or regulatory agencies? We can help determine the appropriateness of corporate governance oversight and control structures and policies that often lie at the root of complex business issues.

Want to further educate your team about good governance structures and practices? HSG can share insights drawn from our deep business experience in executive leadership positions, as a testifying expert in more than 150 cases and our extensive writings on the subject.