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Defining the Difference

Our unique monthly Defining the Difference communication allows H.S. Grace & Company, Inc. to share its thinking on legal, corporate governance and business issues with interested clients and friends. Past communications can be accessed below.

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 Defining the Difference #115 - The Interplay Between Corporate Governance Issues and Litigation: What Is Corporate   Governance and How Does It Affect   

 Litigation? Part I - Breach of Letter Agreement and Operating Agreement


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 FinancialCogs2 Defining the Difference #111 - The Pervasive Effects of Corporate Governance


FinancialCogs2 Defining the Difference #110 - "Why a Company Should Consider Using an Executive Committee of Its Board of Directors," by H. Stephen Grace, Jr., S. Lawrence Prendergast and Susan Koski-Grafer, Business Law Today From ABA, July 2020.


 FinancialCogs2 Defining the Difference #109 - How a Fact-Based Business Analysis Resulted in the Dismissal of a Securities Action During Mediation


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 OilHandShake  Defining the Difference #104 - Breach of Loan Agreement and Agreement to Provide


 Tucking Money in Coat2  Defining the Difference #103 - Embezzlement Trial: HSG Analysis Reduces Damages to $5,000 - from $10 Million


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 contract 3002431 1280  Defining the Difference #100 - A Favorable Settlement in a Critical M&A


 domino 665547 640 pixabay Ivana Diviov  Defining the Difference #99 - Evaluating Damages in Commercial Litigation and Insurance Claims