H.S. Grace & Company, Inc.
Case Studies

Acquisition Price Review

Overview: H.S. Grace & Company, Inc. (HSG) was asked to re-evaluate the price paid for an acquisition before the final payment as the original goals were not met. Because seven of the acquired company executives were with the acquiree, it was critical to reach an amicable settlement fair to all, including the acquiror's shareholders. We analyzed the why, how and what behind the missed goals and offered recommendations on how to best resolve the issue equitably.

Result: The final payment was adjusted in a manner satisfactory to all parties.

Offshore Bankruptcy
Overview: HSG was selected by a court-appointed examiner to assist in the review of a number of complex commercial issues and transactions arising from an offshore energy company bankruptcy. HSG raised a number of issues for the examiner to include in his report, and as a result, both the major creditor and the United States trustee requested that the bankruptcy court appoint a trustee to manage the debtor's affairs.

Result: To forestall this action, debtor's initial payment paid senior creditor in full and paid 70 cents on the dollar to the remaining creditors with the obligation to pay the remaining balance.

Infrastructure Fund
Overview: HSG was hired by an international services firm to evaluate creation of an infrastructure fund to invest in major overseas projects, weighing the advantages of creating more work against customer concerns of competition with their own funds.

Result: Client put in place an approach which opened growth opportunities for client while protecting customer interests.

Contract Negotiations
Overview: HSG was hired to validate the credibility of an offshore contracting party's claim that it would file for bankruptcy if HSG client didn't reduce the amount it was trying to recover under an agreement.

Result: Client utilized analysis to achieve a satisfactory settlement outside of bankruptcy.

Credit Union Operations
Overview: HSG served as a consultant to a credit union for many years, advising on acquisitions, interest rates, site selection and other major activities. The firm also served as consultant to the credit union CEO in his role on the industry's national governing/regulatory board.

Result: Sustained growth and successful navigation of troubled times which led to the closure or forced mergers of other credit unions.

Unsecured Creditors Committee for Major Bankruptcy
Overview: HSG was named financial advisor and real estate consultant to the unsecured creditors committee in a major international bankruptcy involving large retail chains and significant commercial, retail, and residential real estate holdings. Work involved sale of various business units, including the parent company, and of individual real estate holdings. We also advised on the creation of partnerships in connection with certain real estate holdings, and advised regarding tax planning in connection with the dissolution.
Result: Successful disposal of company holdings and creation of ongoing entities in which the bankruptcy estate continued to participate.

Professional Services Firm Rollup
Overview: HSG served as a consultant to a professional services firm ("PSF") in connection with a proposed roll up. HSG pointed to multiple issues, operational and financial, in the proposed acquisition documents that HSG believed were not in the PSF's interest.

Result: Successful renegotiation of acquisition terms.