H.S. Grace & Company, Inc.
Expert Testimony

As a named expert, H.S. Grace & Company, Inc. has helped many clients successfully mediate their cases prior to trial, saving both time and litigation costs. In those matters that proceed to trial, our involvement as an expert witness in depositions and trials has helped our clients achieve very favorable results. Our testifying expertise is linked with the experience of senior executives who understand complex business issues from a real world perspective. This solid factual footing and cogent evaluation of what constitutes reasonable business practice provide a powerful advantage in the courtroom.

We have served as consultants and testifying experts for both defendants and plaintiffs in cases involving:

  • Fiduciary duties
  • Common law fraud claims
  • SEC violations
  • Application of professional business standards to conduct of parties
  • Organizational and operational issues
  • Finance and accounting issues
  • Compensation and employee benefit issues
  • Corporate governance – boards, audit committees, senior management, external and internal auditors
  • Damages – bases and calculations